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The Next Level of Home Decor is Here

...And it's ALIVE!

Living Creature Collectibles™

Sea Creature Ornaments, Wild Animal Figurines, Fruit & Veggie Fridge Magnets, and More!

Brought to Life with Living Plants

An air plant represents a physical characteristic of each Creature Collectible.

Living Earrings

And more Living Accessories to Come!

MADE in the USA

Hand-crafted, Grown and Grafted in our Workshop in San Diego County, California.

What is Living Air Ware?

At Living Air Ware® we create Collectibles in our workshop located in San Diego County.  A Collectible is a living habitat in which air plant attaches its roots to the clay as it would to rocks and trees in nature. Living in our hand-crafted clay cubbies, air plants bring life to our collectible creations. 

Moderate Temperature

45˚F to 95˚F. Indoors or Outdoors with lots of free-flowing air.

Filtered Sunlight

Bright, indirect sunlight. Outdoor shade or indoors near a filtered window is best.

Tap Water

Submerge overnight once a month in lukewarm tap water.
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