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About Us


 At Living Air Ware® we create ‘living’ Collectibles in our workshop located in San Diego County.  Our beautifully unique polymer clay Collectibles are brought to life with living plants called air plants.  The clay is styled to resemble sea life creatures, wild animals and other fantasy characters. The air plant is thoughtfully incorporated into the design concept, not merely adorned to the Collectible.  In featured designs, the air plant becomes the tentacles of the jellyfish, the mane of a lion, adorably, the coronet of a seahorse.

Air plants are an incredibly resilient plant species. They do not require soil and need only minimal water care.  As epiphytes air plants attach themselves to rocks and trees in nature.  A Living Air Ware® Collectible mimics this natural arrangement by allowing the air plant to organically bind its roots to the surface of the clay.  The clay portion of a Collectible is like a “forever home” for the air plant – we call it a cubby!  It provides an environment to bloom flowers and spring offshoots (called air plant ‘pups’).  Air plants can live for many years, even decades.   Living in our adorable handmade Collectibles, the air plants give life to playful seahorses, mysterious jellyfish and exotic cockatoos. 

The exclusive designs of Living Air Ware® are not only whimsical and colorful, but functional as well.  To facilitate longevity of the air plant, each Collectible is specially fabricated to allow breathing room and proper water drainage. 




Established in 2015 in San Diego County, CA, Living Air Ware® Collectibles are patent pending.