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Cockatoo Figurine

$ 24.00

Our Cockatoo Figurine sports a feathery T. ionantha for its signature crest.  You might also find a wild T. scaposa or the curved fan of a T. paucifolia as the crest.  We DO the plant that makes the BEST CREST for a wackaDOO CockaTOO 'DO special for each little Cockatoo Figurine.  

Common color combinations include yellows, silvers, greys, and white.

All clay cubbies are HANDMADE!  Size and color will vary. Cubby and plant are individually paired for best fit; plant varieties vary.

If you have color or plant variety requests, leave them in the 'Comments' section of your order and we will try to accommodate as best we can.  Due to the handmade aspect and the seasonality of plants, we cannot guarantee special requests.


Cubby: 2" H, 1.5" W, 1" D

Plant: 1.5"++

Cubby + Plant = Total Size

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Beyond order discrepancies, all sales of living plants are final.

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